About us

English Express Classroom

English Express is based at the Learning Store on Mozart Street in multicultural Queen’s Park, one of London’s most rapidly developing areas. We are very close to dynamic Notting Hill, where the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival is held.

For over 13 years we have been teaching English using the very fast Callan Method. People around the world have been learning English using this method for over 50 years. You will learn to speak English very quickly using the Callan Method, which is why we are called English Express!

Our school

Our school is famous for its book-filled reception, its secret garden, and its close community of students and teachers. Our students always recommend us to their friends. We truly care about our students, and we will quickly become your new family in London! We aren’t a large school, so this means that we are able to give you personal attention.

Our classrooms

Our classrooms are large, well-furnished and comfortable. One of our classrooms is a warm wooden cabin in our garden, and is probably the most popular classroom with our students.

We have classes from 8:00 am until 10:20 pm., so you will easily find a class at your level which is also at the right time for you.

Happy learning!

Our students

Our students are from Spain, Brazil, Italy, Colombia, Japan, France. In fact, from all over the world. You will be able to spend time with your English-speaking teachers, but also meet people from all over the world who are also here to learn English, just like you. Our students really feel like part of a family. When you arrive in London, you might feel lonely, but with us you will soon find friends and become part of our English Express community!

Our Mission, Vision, And Aims

  • To provide English language classes that swiftly and effectively enable command of spoken English to those in London in greatest need, with least means.

    Our delivery in our classes of the Callan Method is dedicated also to fulfil the expectations of their late author, Robin Callan, who expressed, through his spokesman, his support for our work after reading about it in the press, and took measures to reduce our costs when purchasing his books. When giving our classes we therefore do so in respectful memory of Robin Callan.

  • London’s hardest workers, particularly in and around the community we serve, include those with the greatest need to learn English. The welcome they are given, the accessibility of their classes, and the timetable, teaching style, and costs to be met must demonstrably match that need. Our English Express school, centred at The Learning Store, by the Mozart Estate in inner west London, one of the country’s most deprived areas, is well positioned to meet it.

  • Our central aim is to teach English to those in greatest need by a fast-paced, direct instruction, inter-active method of high international repute: the Callan Method. The impact is impressive. Callan Method classes are normally only available to incoming students of means, often visitors to Central London. We have found, since we opened our English Express classes within a deprived neighbourhood in 2003 – in the London backstreet that is Mozart Street – that our Callan Method classes actually serve those in London with the least resources to pay for the high quality classes, and the greatest resourcefulness in consequently serving the London economy. They tend to be exceptionally hard-working. They work by night, and come to our 8am classes; and by day, and come to our classes that end at 10.45pm. They tend not to be London visitors, but new London residents, with a need to integrate into the London community, in a socially disadvantaged area. Occasional time-limited grants enable us to teach people who receive benefits and consequently become employable. Mastery of English also helps parents care for their children, support their education and promote their integration and the consequent contributions they can make to the society they have come to inhabit. All who live in London who learn English by the Callan Method are empowered, by degrees but swiftly, to become integrated in English culture. This is an exceptional aspect of Robin Callan’s creation.