Our team

We love to bring people from every culture together, in what our students describe as ‘our English Express family’. We are committed to making sure that every one of our students feels at home with us.

Our adminstrators

Our administrators are famous for their friendliness and helpfulness. They know what it is like to arrive in a new city from another country, and will do their best to make it easy for you to feel at home with us while you study. They speak Portuguese, Spanish, and English. If you speak another language apart from these, don’t worry! We will find a way to communicate with you.

Our teachers

Our friendly teachers are well-trained, sympathetic, and very experienced in teaching the brilliant Callan Method. They are very professional, and are always concerned to see that you learn English properly and quickly. They also want you to enjoy your lessons, and you will always hear laughter in our classes.

All our teachers are first-language English speakers, and will help you to speak English ‘like a native’!