Terms and Conditions


To become a student you must:

Complete and sign an application form, book and complete a level test, give personal details to reception, and pay registration and tuition fees in full in advance.

Registration and Tuition Fees

Once registration and/or course fees have been paid the student is bound by the Terms and Conditions of the English Express School.

Full payment and confirmation of dates must be received before any enrolment letter can be issued. In the case of money sent by bank transfer a period of up to 2 weeks must be allowed for receipt of payment, although an enrolment letter may be issued upon official confirmation of pending transfer from the payer’s bank. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 clear working days has to be allowed for clearance of cheques drawn on a UK bank. If a UK bank cheque is returned unpaid for whatever reason a fee of £10 will be charged. Tuition fees do not include anything other than class tuition which covers examination classes.

Course lengths are adjusted to accommodate public holidays. The non-refundable registration fee of £20 includes a level test, and any enrolment letter and/or certificate. Letters will not be issued to students who have not paid or attended to the level required. Letters or documents must be requested at least two working days before collection.

All fees are subject to change.

Trial Lesson

One free trial lesson is offered to all students who wish to join the School. The time and date of the trial lesson need to be agreed between the student and the School.

Course changes

Students may change class times as often as they wish depending upon the availability of courses at the time required. This may involve extra cost if moving between discounted and non-discounted hours.


The English Express School reserves the right to alter, cancel or combine classes when necessary, and to change teacher/class allocation when appropriate. The School cannot guarantee the time and/or location of a student’s course although every effort is made to comply with a student’s request. The School reserves the right to place students in a class of the appropriate level as ascertained in the level test or as deemed necessary by the teacher.


If the student cannot start the course on the agreed recorded date the School must be notified with the reason by letter or e-mail in advance of the commencement date. Failure to do so will result in the loss of unattended lessons. Only exceptional circumstances such as family or medical emergency are acceptable as reasons for late arrival. Also, missed lesson replacement must be taken during the same month that the fee was paid, extend to the next month won’t be possible.

Student records

Upon payment of the registration fee the student agrees to the keeping of personal records on the School’s computer system. The student must keep the School advised of any changes to UK or home addresses and contact telephone numbers. Student records are confidential.

Refunds and Extension of lessons

All refunds are subject to a £15 administration charge. Refund or extension can only be made if the student make his/her request in writing (letter/email). All refunds or extension can only be made at the discretion of the School’s Director. Any remaining days due for refund or extension will be counted from the date on the letter/email. The student must have genuine reason to ask for refund and be able to prove it.

Note: No refunds or extension will be made to the student who is on a PROMOTIONAL FEE (Special Offer).

In some cases it will be necessary for the School to verify a student’s status before issuing a refund. Until the School is fully satisfied that the student qualifies for a refund no money can be returned.

At least 24 hours’ notice is required in all cases; any other consideration is entirely at the discretion of the School’s Director. Fees can be returned only to their origin and only by the method by which they were received.

We do not refund or exchange books, CDs or cassette tapes.

Payment by a third party

Where lesson fees are paid by a person other than the student, a refund or course transfer can only be made with the written consent of both parties. Fees will only be refunded to the payer. (See above).

Promotional offers and Student Oyster Card

All promotional offers are subjected to change at the discretion of the School.

Only active and registered students are eligible for the TFL Student Oyster Card. If your student status changes to STOP (sometimes due to late payment without our consent), your Student Oyster Card will be STOPPED. Full terms and conditions in regard to the Oyster Card can be found on the Transport for London website (www.tfl.gov.uk).


Whilst on the School premises all students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and to show consideration for others. The School reserves the right to refuse to teach any student whose behaviour causes annoyance, distress or offence to others. Persistent offenders will have their course cancelled.


The School, its employees and representatives accept no responsibility for personal injury and/or loss of/damage to personal property on the School’s premises, whether by fire, burglary, theft, evacuation or otherwise.

Force Majeure

The School, its employees and representatives are not liable for damages for cessation of operation and resulting cancellation of courses due to earthquake, fire, flood, explosion, terrorist attack, plane crash or any other disaster outside its control.


The School reserves the right and retains copyright to all promotional photographs which may be taken of students on its premises.

No personal details of students will be passed to third parties, except the appropriate authorities, without prior consent.


The School makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of all printed and promotional material, and all information is correct at the time of printing. The School reserves the right to change information at any time and will endeavour to give sufficient notice of any changes.

Our promotional and marketing material is meant for illustration purposes only and does not constitute any contractual agreement between the School and any other person.