What our students say

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Our students like their classes so much, that they recommend them to their friends and family. Here’s what some of our students say about us:

Ana (Brazil) says:

I miss the school! I had a great time and the chance to improve my English in a short time.

Please say thanks to all the amazing teachers that I had. They did an excellent job. See you all soon!

Isabel (Spain) says:

I think the classes are very helpful. I learn lots of new words every day. My listening is much better, and I can understand things now that I didn’t understand before.

I now feel much more confident when I speak English.

I also really enjoy the social life at the school!

Petra (Czech Republic) says:

For years I’ve been looking forward to coming to London to see the sights, and to explore the culture. Before I came here, I thought London would be very conservative, but I have discovered it’s a very exciting and dynamic city. The people are still very polite, however.

I love my English classes. I’ve already learned such a lot in such a short time.

I would definitely recommend that people come to visit this exciting city, and also come to English Express. It really does feel like a family!

Alejandro (Spain) says:

I started in July, and after only 2 months I can already see I have improved my English very quickly and easily.

I like English Express classes because teachers are very close to us, very friendly and help us at any time. You receive a lot while spending a little bit!

Senem (Turkey) says:

Before, when I talked to people outside, I didn’t know how to speak correctly. Now I do!

In class we speak, speak, speak, but my writing is also better. I don’t know how.

I’ve learned lots of things. Before I couldn’t pronounce words, but now I can. I love my classes!