Class times

The Callan Method was created for busy people like you! It was specially designed so that you will get the most benefit if you study for 2 lessons a day over a long period. Our daily classes are very intensive, so we would recommend:

  • One 2-session class each day, Monday to Friday, will bring excellent results. If you will be with us for more than a few weeks, we would recommend this.
  • Two 2-session classes each day will be okay if you are only studying for a few weeks, but is not recommended if you will be studying for more than a month.
  • Three 2-session classes each day is probably too much: it could be an expensive mistake!

Our timetable:

  1. 08:00 – 09:50
  2. 10:00 – 11:50
  3. 14:30 – 16:20
  4. 16:30 – 18:20
  5. 18:00– 19:50
  6. 18:30 – 20:20
  7. 20:00 – 21:50
  8. 20:30 – 22:20

Our advise:

  • Save your money: learn more in less time!
  • Learn more in less time, for less money!

Come to our daily classes of two 50-minute sessions, at a time that suits you. Contact us today!