The Callan Method

Callan Method-2

“Our Callan Method classes get you speaking English from the very first lesson”

We have taught English using the Callan Method to thousands of students since English Express first opened in 2003.

The Callan Method is a form of what is known as ‘direct method’ language teaching, which means that the lesson is taught only in English, and not in the student’s language. Direct methods have been used for over a hundred years to teach English, and the Callan Method developed from this tradition. We chose the Callan Method for our students because we know it works. Since you will only be using English in class, you will soon start thinking and speaking in English, too.

We love welcoming more and more students, from every imaginable country. You, too, will be made welcome, and soon become a fluent, confident speaker of English, able to express yourself freely on many subjects. You will normally get to this level of English after 20 weeks or so in our Callan Method classes. We know what benefits learning English brings – helping you find employment, for example, and making life better for yourself and your family. We at English Express are very happy to be part of your journey.

How does it work?

  • With the Callan Method you learn English in a quarter of the time.
  • The Callan Method gets you speaking English from the very first lesson.
  • You can join our classes at different levels, and at different times.
  • Our highly trained, dynamic and experienced teachers are all native speakers.
  • You will have a lot of fun while learning.
  • It only takes about 20 weeks until you will be able to engage in conversations.
  • It is a ‘direct method’, meaning you will only speak English in class.
  • It is a carefully scripted and highly structured course.
  • Using a systematic process of question, answer and revision,  we teach the grammar of spoken as well as written English, and an extensive vocabulary.
  • We have been teaching the Callan Method – with great success – since 2003.
  • You will be given regular, short exams.
  • We will award you a certificate to mark your level of attainment.

“We believe it is simply the best method you will find for speaking English fluently, confidently and quickly.” 

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